Welcome to Club Origin

A space for podcasters like you

About Club Origin

Club Origin exists to help podcasters from a variety of backgrounds, who share the common goal of making compelling audio content for their audience.

By working through our courses, participating in our workshops, and sharing with other community members, our hope is that Club Origin will help its members focus their energies towards creating great podcasts that audiences will love, and that give back to those who create them.

Who should join

You don't have to be an experienced podcaster or have any particular background, just the desire to put your audience first, and the commitment to making valuable content that serves a niche, rather than seeking quick wins or chasing trends.

If you value collaboration, can give and receive respectful and constructive criticism, and want to learn new things, you should absolutely join us.

A big thanks

Club Origin can only exist because of its existing members, who have helped shape it, by participating in workshops we've run or by reading what we've written. Our heartfelt thanks go to each and every one of them.

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